Rehabilitation Clinic

In Our AAC Rehabilitation Clinic we take pride in providing exceptional one-on-one treatments along with cutting edge technologies to help you reach your optimal well-being as quickly as possible.

We understand that patients are never exactly alike and we design your individualized treatment protocol to meet your recovery goals and to fit your busy schedule.

Ultimately, we will help you become aware of your condition, so that you are able to manage your injury through self-treatment methods and prescriptive exercises, that enables you to take control of your injury and prevent recurrences.

Our mission at AAC Rehabilitation Medicine clinic is to provide exemplary comprehensive care at the highest standard of quality care, with industry leading practices in a comfortable, caring and professional environment and ensure that our healthcare solutions meet your individual needs.

Our Center is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipments:

1- Game - Ready: Ice Compression Therapy

2- Compex: Electro and Wireless MyoStimulation

3- TRX complete set

4- Cervical & Lumbar Electric Traction Table

5- Intelect Neo from Chattanooga: The Latest in Electrotherapy

6- Segmental Presso Therapy

7- Radial Shock Wave from Storz Medical

Move Well, Move better!

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